Stuart McAlpine Miller - Never Give Up

Following on from McAlpine Miller's sell out show, 'Mirror Mirror at Mayfair in London comes the release of 'Never Give Up'. This piece was the most sought after at the show, and the small canvas edition of only 9 sold out straight away.
Due to popular demand Washington Green have released a small paper edition of 25. The Artmarket gallery has been allocated ONE so this really is first come first served! McAlpine Miller is one of the most sought after artists of our time and it going nowhere but up.
“McAlpine Miller is one of the best artists of our time, painting about our time, in the best way I’ve seen. This is how he is changing the course of Art History - much in the same way that Da Vinci, Monet and Picasso did. The art of tomorrow starts here...” Estelle Lovatt, Art Critic

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